Friday, March 26, 2010

Tshirt dress for Lauren

A good friend of mine has two beautiful little girls, and a hubbie who loves football. All football, really, but especially the Falcons. She asked if I could make her oldest a dress that looked like daddy's favorite t-shirt. Generally I make dresses out of recycled (may upcycled sounds prettier?) shirts and use the existing graphics. But since daddy was unwilling to have his favorite shirt cut up, I had to come up with something new.

Front of dress

Back of dress
I know the photos aren't great (the "good" camera is in the shop, and I'm no pro photographer) but hopefully you can see how cute the details are.

I used the freezer paper stencil tecnique I have seen all over the net, and it took about 7 different separate stencils and layers of paint to get it done. But get it done I did. Eventually. The dress is from a pattern created by Lil Blue Boo and I really want to make lots more.

I can't wait to see how Lauren likes it. I bet it will be the first time her daddy has ever had a favorite dress!

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  1. LOVE IT! i am so excited! you did a fabulous job! i have another project for you :)